About Us


Advanced Cure Diagnostic Centers was founded in 2007 as a comprehensive ambulatory care unit. With over a dozen specialties, we have assembled a team of the finest physicians from a variety of medical fields, along with state of the art diagnostic equipment to meet the ever growing demand for quality healthcare throughout the city of Abu Dhabi.

We are located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, with ample free parking that makes it more accessible to patients and visitors.

While seeking medical care for various outpatient illness and wellness needs, patients will be reassured knowing that Cure’s team of medical and administrative professionals are collaborating together to insure that optimum care is provided for its patients.

In addition to our clinical services, Cure is actively involved in promoting health education and awareness for the community.

Cure is dedicated to serving you and to better your health.


Delivering quality specialty healthcare and diagnostics in a consistent and responsive manner.


Commitment to making Advanced Cure Diagnostic Centers the provider of choice for quality of healthcare services in the community.


Priority given to patient care and interests.

Acting with honesty and fairness.

Accepting responsibility of the outcome of our actions, as a team and as individuals.

Promoting team work to achieve shared goals.

Committing to the pursuit of quality in health care services.

Encouraging qualities of personal leadership, credibility, and communication.

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