• HAAD Licensing Officer

    To handle HAAD processes including healthcare professional and facility licensing, credentialing and examination, and act as Company representative in HAAD. At least 3 years of related knowledge and experience of HAAD and Dataflow processes is essential, with a degree in HR, Nursing, business administration or related field.

  • Microbiology Lab Technologists
    To perform cultures from different sources, with appropriate identification of organisms, and analysis of antibiotic sensitivity. It is also essential to be able to perform routine and microscopic analysis of biological samples. Candidate must be HAAD licensed as a microbiologist, with minimum of 3 years experience and a B.Sc. in Medical Technology or equivalent qualification.
  • Phlebotomist

    Perform a variety of venipuncture techniques from patients for laboratory procedures. Candidate must be HAAD licensed as a phlebotomist, with a minimum of 2 Years experience and a degree in Medical technology with certificate of training in the field.

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