Allergy & Immunology

Due to the increased frequency and severity of allergic disease worldwide and considering the variation in cases between one individual to the next, Cure’s Allergy and Immunology Clinic expertly performs an evaluation of allergic and other conditions mimicking allergy to aid in proper diagnosis.

Once diagnosis is confirmed, treatment modalities range from simple avoidance measures and medication, to advanced immunomodulating treatments such as Allergen Immunotherapy and anti-IgE antibody therapy.

Since Allergic conditions affect several organ systems, the Allergy Clinic often works in close collaboration with other Medical Services in the Clinic. Coordination and consultation with the Pulmonary and Otolaryngology Services is particularly important when dealing with conditions such as Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis / Sinusitis.

Allergy & Immunology Services Offered:
  • Allergy Skin Testing (Percutaneous and Intracutaneous)
  • Serum Specific IgE Testing and other Allergy / Immunology Laboratory Testing
  • Spirometry / Lung Function Testing