Meet Our Doctors

Cure is well-equipped with healthcare practitioners aiming to provide the most advanced services to improve patients' lives through their comprehensive research and education. Our medical center is built to keep patient satisfaction and wellness at the heart of everything we do, and it is our dedicated team of doctors, specialists and nurses who make this achievable.

Dr. Elie Zoghbi

Cardiovascular Disease Specialist, GCAA Certified Cardiologist, Head of Cardiology Department


Dr. Ghazi Hassan

Consultant, Cardiovascular Disease


Dr. Hala Sakkal

Consultant, General Pediatrics / Pediatric Endocrinology


Dr. Juan Uria

Consultant, Urologist, Laparoscopic Surgery

Urology & Andrology

Giulio Viscardi

Chief Physical Therapist, Physiotherapy

Physical Therapy

Dr. Khalid Al Bagdady

Specialist, Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology


Dr. Amr El Far

Consultant, Medical Imaging Director

Medical Imaging

Dr. Suzan Gharaibeh

Consultant, Endocrinology & Diabetes


Dr. Aly Howeedy

Consultant, Pathologist and Laboratory Director

Pathology / Laboratory

Dr. Chen Yamei

Chinese Medicine & Physical Therapy

Chinese Medicine