Corporate Social Responsibility

30 Mar

Health Day at RW ARMSTRONG

Cure hosted a health day at RW Armstrong offices on 30th March 2017. Our Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Rami Harb, conducted a lecture on hypertension and its effects. Dr. Harb hosted...
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23 Feb

Dr. Ihab El Araj CME

Dr. Ihab El Araj, Consultant Ophthalmology at Cure was a speaker at the Al Qassimi Ophthalmology International Conference last week at the Emirates Towers in Dubai!
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31 Jan


Cure is proud to congratulate our January, 2017 employee of the month Award to Khalid A. Awwas. Khalid has worked in the company for more than two years as a...
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20 Jan

AUB Day Out

Cure once again was a sponsor at the AUB Day Out on Friday 20 Jan. The day was filled with lots of fun, sun and giggles. We thank our team...
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14 Jan

American Community School Family Fun Day event

Cure participated at the American Community School Family Fun Day event on 14 January. This event was for ACS students, staff, family members and the community. The day was filled...
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31 Dec


Cure is proud to congratulate our December, 2016 employee of the month Award Christy Vullanueva. Christy has worked in the company for more than three and a half years as...
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17 Dec

Winter Internship

Cure laboratory ran a winter internship program for students, who are looking to work in a medical environment. Eight successful students were selected to work for a period of two...
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14 Dec


Cure initiated a healthcare partnership with Lycee Theodor Monod this year. This partnership is to work towards better health of the students, by providing support to the existing school clinic...
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13 Dec

Cure’s CME

Cure’s CME took place on Tuesday 13th December, entitled Modern Management of T2DM and Lipids Management. Our speakers are Dr. Elie Zoghbi, Cardiovascular Disease Specialist, talking about Lipid Management and...
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30 Nov


We are proud to congratulate our November employee of the month Marc Basit. Mark has worked in the company for more than four years. Starting as a RN and transitioning...
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16 Nov

World Diabetes Day!

Cure invited patients, friends, family and colleagues for a blood sugar screening on World Diabetes Day! Dr. Suzan Gharaibeh, Consultant Endocrinology at Cure, was present to assess and give advice...
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11 Nov


The Cure team of physicians, nurses and admin colleagues joined by their families and friends participated at 2016 event in support of Diabetes Day on Friday at the Yas Marina Circuit....
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31 Oct

Employee of the Month

Huge congrats to our first employee selected as Employee of the Month, Callyr Doll C. Caballero, Registered Nurse. Callyr has worked in the company for almost two years. She has...
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30 Oct


Cure’s Team of doctors and admin attended the St Jude Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) fundraising dinner on 27th October. The evening was beautifully organized, with a speech by...
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28 Oct


Dr. Zouhair Harb, Consultant Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine – Cure Medical Director, shared his expertise at the Xaira and Rinelon scientific meeting with a lecture on “One Airway,...
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22 Oct

Recruitment & Training Fair

Cure was a silver sponsor at the Healthcare Recruitment & Training Fair from 22 – 24 October! We got to meet some very professional and interesting people! Dr. Rami Harb,...
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14 Oct

UFE (Union des Français de l’Étranger)

Cure participated in an event organized by UFE (Union des Français de l'Étranger) on Friday 14th October. This event was put in place to bridge together new Francophone arrivals to...
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9 Oct

MMR Immunization

Collaborating with HAAD in the participation of the MMR Immunization month at Cure Main Center.
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6 Oct

Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers or patients on a daily basis. This has...
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1 Oct

Breast Cancer Awareness

Cure promotes Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the month of October. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women. However, millions of women are surviving the disease thanks...
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29 Sep

World Heart Day

Cure celebrates World Heart Day. World Heart Day was founded in 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death,...
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22 Sep

Abu Dhabi Acceuil

Abu Dhabi Accueil organized a “Welcome Back Coffee Morning” for all Francophone women in Abu Dhabi. This event catered to around 200 participants and 15 companies were presented. Dr. Christine...
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22 Sep

Health Day at Bureau Veritas

Cure Medical Centers held an exciting Health Day at Bureau Veritas on 22nd September. Renowned Cardiologist, Dr. Elie Zoghbi, gave a lecture on Hypertension and Diabetes, how they affect the...
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17 Jul

Lab Summer Internship

Cure laboratory ran a summer internship program for students, who are looking to work in a medical environment. Eight successful students were selected to work for a period of two...
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27 Jun

Cure Family’s Yearly Iftar

On behalf of the Board Members and The Management, we would like to thank everyone at Cure for attending the yearly Ramadan Iftar at the Rozanah Restaurant, and contributing to...
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1 Jun

Behind the glass shield

Throughout the season 2015- 2016, Cure has been sponsoring Regional Sports Football Academy by providing cold packs and First Aid kits for the players, during their practices and tournaments. To...
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15-18 May

Hypertension Week

In light and support of Hypertension Day last week, Cure helped all patients who were welcomed through the door and enlightened expecting mummies to be on understanding their blood pressure...
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5 May

AUB Gala Dinner

Advanced Cure Diagnostic Centers was a Silver Sponsor for the AUB Gala Dinner for the 150th Anniversary of AUB and the 40th Anniversary of the Office of Regional External Programs....
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25 Apr


Cure held its first CME Conference on “What is Snoring & How to Stop It” by Dr. Zouhair Harb, Consultant Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine - Yale University (School...
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20 Apr

CAP Accreditation

Staff & Management rising to celebrate Cure's CAP Accreditation this week with a big sweet tooth!
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15 Apr

Emirates Autism Center

Advanced Cure Diagnostic center participated as a sponsor on the 9th of April at the Annual Autism Week organised by Emirates Autism Center. On the 19th of April Cure continued...
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12 Apr

International Nurses Day

To celebrate the support, effort and dedication of all of Cure's Nurses and staff, a touch of sweetness had to be made! Cure would like to sincerely thank every nurse...
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5 Apr

Donate A Brick with Cure!

As part of giving back to the community, Cure is collecting donations to support special needs schools under construction or special needs schools that are expanding their facilities with bricks...
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24 Mar

ACS Boot the bottle

Cure believes in sustainability & promoted this at the ACS construction site. Cure's CEO, Mr. Fadi Alame, gave a speech to attendings from ACS on the importance and impact on...
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9 Mar

Cervical Cancer Week

Cure's taking action this week & raising awareness on Cervical Cancer! Cure’s way of giving back to women: Cure is giving out today a rose for every beautiful and strong...
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6 Mar

Cure’s CEO Goes to Cairo

Cure's CEO, Fadi Alame, attended the Challenges of Building Excellence In Arab Healthcare System 2016 in Cairo. Mr. Alame's speech covered the topic of Universal Healthcare: Healthcare for everyone, everywhere....
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2 Mar

IBWG Luncheon

International Women’s Day Luncheon Sponsored by Cure! Today, many women and men take part of the International Women's Day 2016 "Pledge for parity". H.E. Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, will...
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27 Feb

Health & Fitness Show

After a fantastic week at ADNEC Abu Dhabi, supporting & raising awareness on Health & Fitness to all the wonderful families, school children and individuals, Cure proudly received and accepted...
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6-11 Feb

Colon Cancer Awareness Week

Testing for Colorectal Cancer can save your life or the lives of your loved ones! Cure is supporting the Awareness for Colon Cancer this week by offering consultation and screening,...
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22 Jan

Cure Takes On Beirut!

Cure changed locations and crossed countries to attend the American University of Beirut Alumni Family Event this month! Cure aided in raising awareness on Spirometry (a test used to asses...
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16-21 Jan

Thyroid Awareness Week

Cure raises awareness of Thyroid Disease this month by promoting 'Self Checks' at its medical centers. Cure's specialist Dr. Suzan Gharaibeh welcomed old & new patients to do a check...
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14 Jan

Capital Shield Chamber of Commerce

Cure proudly represented Health Day for the Abu Dhabi Chambers of Commerce! Cure offered vital signs and spirometry test as well as sugar glucose tests throughout the event. Two of...
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12 Jan

Cure Gets Sporty: Regional Sports:

Cure has partnered up with Regional Sports to create awareness of healthy living amongst the young at the football academy in Al Yasmina School in Khalifa City A. Cure provided...
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