Month: March 2016

Drama therapy: unlocking the door to change

By: | March 31, 2016

What if one key could unlock expression in a child with autism, turn a young woman away from substance abuse, or stop a hardened criminal from reoffending? There is perhaps not one key, but there may be one set of keys: drama therapy.

In the 1920s, a Romanian psychologist, Jacob Moreno, observed how role play and experimental theater freed people to reveal their thoughts and feelings. He began to incorporate drama into psychotherapy. Read More

Memory encoding may be influenced by expectation

By: | March 31, 2016

A researchers suggest attention is not enough to remember the features of events accurately; expectation also plays a role. Blue image of a brain lit up.

The psychologists, from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), report their findings in the journal Cognition. Read More