Health Tips

  • Diet does NOT mean Deprivation. Healthy dieting includes eating from ALL the food groups.
    Portion control & content are key factors for weight management.
  • Include Calcium foods daily for strong bones. Important sources are dairy products, eggs,
    sardines, spinach, soy beans & white beans. Don’t forget to add a Vitamin D supplement when required!
  • Omega-3 foods can come easily into your diet from morning-till-night. Start your breakfast with soy milk & oats. Lunch on a grilled salmon & spinach. Snack on berries with walnuts. Dinner with a tuna salad & a handful of flaxseeds.
  • Not getting enough antioxidants? Fill your plates daily with berries, green leafy vegetables (spinach, swisschard, parsley …), sweet peppers & tomatoes.