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Health Day at RW ARMSTRONG

Cure hosted a health day at RW Armstrong offices on 30th March 2017. Our Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Rami Harb, conducted a lecture on hypertension and its effects. Dr. Harb hosted a short Q & A at the end of the lecture to answer interesting questions about hypertension. Physical Therapist Giulio Viscardi spoke about stress management through exercise and ergonomics in an office environment. After the lecture Giulio visited the work stations around the office to check how the team at RW Armstrong are adjusting their stations to their needs. Oral Surgeon, Dr. Nofal Suleiman, offered on the spot consultations and dental hygiene check-ups. Dietician Vanessa Chihan checked body composition and advised the team according to their individual results. Cure was very excited to host this health day in collaboration with Nasco. We hope to have brought smiles to your office, because your smile is our Cure! #healthday #cure #curecares #cardiology #dental #nutrition #physicaltherapy #rwarmstrong