The Ophthalmology Clinic offers a complete range of comprehensive eye care. The clinic uses the most current, state of the art equipment and procedures.

Ophthalmology Services Offered:

Our highly qualified team provide comprehensive diagnostic services and personalized treatment in several Ophthalmic fields including:

  • Treatment of General Ophthalmic diseases
  • Sutureless Cataract Surgery “Phaco”
  • Laser Operations and Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinal Operations per Laser for retinal defects and retinal detachment.
  • Medical Treatment of Macular degenerations
  • Laser Operations and Treatment of glaucoma.
  • Lid reconstruction and cosmetic Lid surgery
  • Refractive surgery: Lasik, Epilasik, Ultralasik, ICL
  • Micropulse Laser