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All in: Going Cold Turkey to Quit Smoking

Thanks to the internet, we now have a wealth of knowledge on the different ways people successfully (more often than not, unsuccessfully) quit the nasty habit of smoking. Smokers who want to quit can try out methods from simple nicotine patches to hypnosis. But perhaps, the most effective and therefore, the most painful way to quit smoking is actually going cold turkey, or just quitting without any preparation.

For people who’ve been smoking for years, putting an abrupt end to a habit that’s become ingrained in their daily habits is daunting. As time goes by, having a cigarette goes hand in hand with a morning coffee, after a satisfying meal, or when you’re having a drink with some friends. It becomes extremely hard to separate the two. This is equal parts due to being addicted to nicotine and purely psychological reasons.

Smoking is inherently irrational and every smoker knows the health consequences of a prolonged smoking habit. One of the effective ways when you’re going through cold turkey is to focus on the irrationality of smoking a cigarette. There are a multitude of things you can do to replace the satisfaction you get out of smoking.

For example, when the crave comes, distract yourself by taking a walk to clear your head. Some people find it extremely effective to chew gum whenever the nicotine pangs come. Going cold turkey has also proven to have adverse effects on your mood and behaviour. You start to become irritated at the slightest thing and can lash out at the people closest to you.

After a month, the obvious effects of not smoking start to show. Your eyes start to become whiter again, you feel more alert, and generally you feel like a much healthier and better person. People get through cold turkey with methods tailored for themselves. Figure out what your triggers are and avoid them. If you’ve been having a coffee and a cigarette every morning for the past few years, cut caffeine out of your life. People get through periods of cold turkey with methods tailored to themselves. One particularly effective one is to envision yourself of being able to healthily play with your children or grandchildren when you get old!