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Dealing with a child’s obesity

If your child is obese and attending school, chances are there’ll be certain complications during his time in education. Parents can only do so much when their child is at home as they can keep a watchful eye over his or her diet, but once the child is in school they’re under the supervision of the school’s staff.

Parents need to be supported and encouraged to be role models for their children while teachers could emphasise the importance of parental lifestyles and parenting style when their children’s weight is considered. The role of those who engage with children on a daily basis for extended periods of time is significant in shaping the child.

These actions might include introducing healthier menus in the school cafeterias, educational sessions on the benefits of eating healthy, physical education, as well as fun ‘Health Week’ measures. Eating green and keeping fit does not necessarily have to be a pain for the kids. Healthy food can be delicious and kids can be incentivized for staying healthy by giving out prizes.

These measures should also extend to the schoolteachers themselves for one good reason. Young children in school tend to look at their teachers as role models and as such, it’s suggested that healthy eating and keeping an active lifestyle can rub off on kids as well!