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No one likes a negative Nancy

Feeling like you’re lesser than your peers for reasons like career progression, yearly bonuses, lavish lifestyles, or even looks is one that’s all too familiar for the majority of us. While there is no shortage of articles on the internet telling you that comparison is the thief of joy, even the best of us fall into the trap of wallowing in self-pity, some much longer than others.

So how do you dig yourself out of this hole once you feel you’re in too deep? Here’s a few ways you can get out of that rut:

Set an intention and have a daily plan: Before you get out of bed, decide what kind of day you want to have. Make a deliberate, conscious decision about how you want to create your day. Write it down. The minute you get up, act accordingly. Remind yourself throughout the day of your intention. Suggested intention: enjoy the small things in life!

Celebrate the small wins: Finished the project you’ve been slaving over for a month? Call your friends out for a celebratory dinner! Appreciating relatively small successes in life will go a long way in acknowledging that the big ones don’t come that often and that’s completely fine.

Stay true to yourself: Recognise that everyone has a different path set out for them, and you should be perfectly contented with your own despite differences in material possessions. Nothing is more valuable than doing what you love!

Stop comparing yourself to others:  Perhaps the most difficult one of all is to always remember that you’re not supposed to be like anyone else! Your perspectives, gifts and value are exclusively yours. If you want something to measure yourself by, compare how you were yesterday to how you are today, and be kind.