Dr. Talal Sabouni

Specialist, Urology

Urology & Andrology

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								Dr. Talal Sabouni

German Board Certified in Urology and male infertility

  • European Association of Urology – EAU
  • German Association of Urology
  • Arab Association of Urology
  • Syrian Association of Urological Surgeons
Experience Summary:

Dr. Talal Sabouni is a German board certified with master’s Degree of Urology 1999 from Sant Marin Hospital Amberg – Germany. After that he worked in a private practice for two years, and then he moved to Nuremberg to have a subspecialty in Uro-oncology, till 2004. He did his third training in Laparoscopy in Al Mansoura University in 2005. After finishing his training, Dr Talal was appointed as chief of Urology and Kidney Transplant Department at Surgical Kidney Hospital, Ministry of Health – Syria till 2011. In 2012, he moved to Dubai and Worked in the American Hospital – Dubai, as specialist in Urology and male infertility. In 2013 Dr. Talal started his work in Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital, Abu Dhabi until 2018.

Education and Training:
  • Teaching course in female in continence and urodynamic study, Amberg – Germany (2008)
  • Teaching course in advance Uro- laparoscopy, Al- Masoura University (2009)
  • Teaching course in Laparoscopy in Dreuxe France (2011)
  • Training on flexible Ureterscopy in Madrid Spain (2015)
  • E-BLUS course (European basic laparoscopic skills) Madrid 2015
Areas of Professional Interest:
  • Diagnosis and treatment of stones by endoscopy and ESWL
  • Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility
  • Laser Surgery
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Uro-oncology, Cancer diseases
  • Female Urology and Urodynamics Study For stress incontinence and Enuresis
  • Minimal invasive Urology
Language Spoken:
  • Arabic
  • English
  • German